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Marissa Meyer’s Fairest Launch Party

fairestMarissa Meyer had a book launch party today to release Fairest, book 3.5 in The Lunar Chronicles. This was kind of a big event in my household. First, because I have three daughters who enjoy the books. Second, because I love book launches and I also love to support local authors. I only bought one book though and the two oldest had to flip a coin to see who got to read it first (ha ha!). My four year old was indifferent. All she cared about was making a blue rubber crown with plastic jewels at the craft table.

Even though we couldn’t stay for the whole thing–we had to leave partway through her author talk. I had dinner reservations for my niece’s birthday, couldn’t be helped– we did get to walk around and look at the events going on. Meyer loves kids and it shows because this party was made with her young adult audience in mind. That is, by my own people watching gauge, mostly girls between the ages of 10-16. Besides the craft table that I mentioned, there was also an airbrush face painting table; a photo op station with a story book mirror frame that people could step in and take pictures; and a station where kids could be interviewed (I was never sure by whom) about how much they love the books. We didn’t do that. There was also a table of refreshments like cookies and brownies, but it was under wraps and guarded by someone until a designated time I didn’t stick around to discover.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet her this time. Maybe next time. Fortunately, the book I prepaid for was pre-signed.

Marissa Meyer at downtown Tacoma Public Library for book launch.

Marissa Meyer at downtown Tacoma Public Library for book launch.

If you’re interested in ordering Fairest, a prequel/reimagining about the evil queen of Snow White queen, I think Tacoma’s King Books, one of the last independent book stores still standing, can hook you up. Or you can head over to Marissa  Meyer’s website.

-AV Packard

What I’m Reading Right Now: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë


Another List- These books happened to me in 2014

bonePost Christmas means it’s time for all the end of the year recaps and lists, lists, lists of Best Movies, Best Books, Biggest News Stories, and my personal favorite: Best Celebrity Humiliations (Who would have ever dreamed that Bill friggin’ Cosby could fall from grace with a larger and more blinding comet trail of fire and destruction than Justin Beiber?)

So, in the spirit of our need to quantify our experiences of the outgoing year, I am making a list of my own. A list called “All The Shit I Read This Year”. The good. The bad. The too confusing to categorize. Here they are: Happy New Year.

January: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Sometimes I want to read a book that is not too complicated or too dark, which is my usual repertoire. Jane is a sure thing for a feel-good book. I know there will be a happy ending before I read the first sentence of the first chapter and there is comfort in that.  Like most Austen books, this one is about an unmarried woman and a misunderstanding which gets straightened out and leads to the unmarried woman getting married.  A sweet and predictable way to start the year? Sure, why not.

February: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. Part 2 of the Lunar Chronicles and current trend of modernizing classic fairy tales. This one centers on Little Red Riding Hood who has been revamped into a sassy French farmer/delivery pilot with a mean tomato pitch if you make her mad. These are fun and cute, but I admit, I don’t read these for myself but rather aloud to my kids who seem to like them.  My favorite part of this book was my discovery, or rather re-discovery, of Croque Monsieur sandwiches….mmmm….

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