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Because Everybody Loves the Bad Guy – Here are 11 great ones

frankenstein-dracula-werewolf-printable-halloween-masksManiacal laughter…Muuhuwaaahaaaaa…

Halloween! This post is dedicated to the diabolical and the morally challenged; the manipulative and the detrimental; the most vile of jagoffs that lurk in shadows and rub their hands together while planning their next step to muck-up everybody’s lives. Or maybe they don’t lurk at all, maybe the bad guy is the bouncing blonde at the local drive-thru coffee shop, the one who smiles when she takes our pumpkin spice latte order, only to memorize our credit card number so she can go on an internet shopping spree when she gets off work. Or maybe it’s the little boy with the filthy mouth in play group who won’t stop pulling your daughter’s hair. Or maybe it’s his mother. They’re all in it together, probably.

Villains. You can’t trust them. But we love to hate them. Here’s a nod to the bad guys, the villains, the antagonists, the 97% bitter cocoa in the candy rack, the triple shot espresso, the Guinness beer of the beer aisle. All of which without, we would never realize that sweet and smooth milk chocolate actually makes the world a place worth living, that coffee tastes a hell of a lot better with some cream and sugar in it, and that Guinness beer just sucks. No offense to the Emerald Isles.

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